Saving time with bunnies

OK this isn’t cheating. Yes, I wrote something similar on my Pen to Publish blog before I moved here but now I feel stronger about this topic and felt it was worth a revisit. All writers, professionals and really anyone should have a hobby that they can use as an escape.

But writing is my hobby? That may be so and trust me I feel so fortunate to be able to do something that I love so much as my career. When I started making money and set strict schedules to get my work done that’s when writing became more than a hobby.

A hobby is something essential to clearing your mind and just having some “you” time. Until the first of this month I really didn’t understand this. I am author, a mommy, a speaker and my  husband appreciates a home-cooked meal and somewhat of a clean house (sometimes.) I really thought that reading was my hobby and that I couldn’t afford the time to do anything “outside the box.” Of course who doesn’t want to try archery after watching Katniss in The Hunger Games?

I didn’t fully understand the benefit of a hobby until Oscar, my dog came across a nest of bunnies in our backyard the first of this month. I called the game commissioner to find out what to do and she said to leave them alone and look for signs of the mother rabbit.

Days went by and there were no signs. And then came that first spring down pour. It rained and rained and soon I could see a stream of muddy water running down the slope in our yard. I ran out to see the nest and the bunnies were screaming- actually screaming. One was stuck in mud and water was up to her neck (yes I know now that she is my Diamond.)

I rushed to grab a box and you’ve never seen bunnies want to be rescued so badly.They put up no resistance and that is how I got my bunnies. At first I had to bottle feed them every 3 hours. They were 4 weeks old when they joined our family. On March 18 we lost Artemis to a nutritional disorder but Diamond and Jedi are thriving and loving their spoiled domestic life.

So how does this help my writing? Really there is a point to all of this. You know when you are stuck on a scene? Sometimes staring at will not give you the answer. You need to walk away from it. That’s when Diamond and Jedi get some extra attention. Instead of staring at a page and wasting time, I love on bunnies (and Oscar too) for just a moment and then look at the scene again through fresh eyes.

Hobbies can releave our stresses and help us maintaIn that sense of self when you are juggling personal and family driven goals. Everyone needs a hobby. I’m not expecting you to race out and find helpless and drowning bunnies. You’re hobby might be underwater basket weaving as long as you enjoy it and gives you the escape you need.

What hobbies do you have? How do they help you as an author and a person? Below is a great example of a hobby that you and your spouse or significant other could try together…or NOT. Happy Friday!

Nat’s Personal Note:

Yesterday we embarked on a nine-hour road trip. I definitely wasn’t thinking ahead when I bought my sports car after college! Baby Markey, Oscar the dog and the bunnies Diamond and Jedi were all crammed in the back seat. Going into the experience I thought it was going to be a disaster but really everything went smoothly. It was really remarkable! And thanks to my iPAD, I was actually able to get some editing done!

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4 thoughts on “Saving time with bunnies

  1. Joy Held's Writer Wellness Blog says:

    Love the new blog! Welcome to WordPress.

  2. I love bunnies. They are so cute. Okay, I love all cute animals, especially when they are so young. If I found a nest of bunnies in my yard, I would definitely rescue them too. How couldn’t you?

    As for my hobbies… I have a ton but, honestly, there is not much time to get to them lately. Writing and research take most of my “free time” (what does it even mean, “free time”, hmmm). And then there is the family, friends, you know the rest, I’m sure.

    If reading for a writer can be consider a hobby, then that’s what I do on daily basis. 🙂 I also draw and paint in watercolor, knit, sew and garden. Cooking and baking is what I do all the time, but I don’t consider it a hobby anymore. It’s simply a necessity, even if I always try to cook from scratch and come up with new recipes to keep my family (and myself) happy.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Natalie! 🙂

  3. Hi Natalie! I’ve just come your way from Kristen Lamb and I couldn’t be more delighted to know you! Your essay over at Kristen’s came at the perfect time, as I was just recognizing my desperate need for structure (but not too much!) in my day! Thank you! And congrats on your new found pets! That’s so wonderful!!! I’m wondering why you chose to make the change to wordpress, as I was just just speaking w/ a web designer today about the exact same topic! I have a squarespace site and feel like I need to move to wordpress if I really want to grow my blog. I love your design here – I really like the clean full page look! Have a great day! My “hobby” that helps me get clear and back into my writing is a walk in the woods!

  4. Debra Kristi says:

    HOLY – WOW! Doing that on roller skates is a lot harder than on ice skates in my opinion. And I’d be on my butt on the ice if I tried that. But I would if it was with that dude. LOL Hi Natalie! *waving* I took your class back in October! I believe a hobby is a great thing to clear the head, especially when your story sticks. My family likes to hike. I also enjoy home improvement projects and I’m really big on dance. I can get carried away organizing and cleaning out, too. I’m crazy like that.

    I don’t know how you got everyone in that sports car. When we travel my big SUV ends up crammed full. Looks like homeless people are living in it. LOL

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