Rediscovering Routine

Life happens. You go on a vacation or celebrate a holiday. Someone gets sick or hurt. You have a baby or someone you love dies. You move. Whatever the reason, good or bad, your routine is thrown off its axel. It happens to the best of us. It is how you rediscover your routine and productiveness that sets you a part from others.

2012 hasn’t been kind to me when is comes to letting me keep my routine. When I’m in town and can return to my usually productive routine it can sometimes be hard diving back in. I believe this happens to a lot of people because they feel overwhelmed when returning to the routine. If you are returning to your routine then you are also probably behind with work. This is currently the case for me. I’m trying to catch up after my daughter was hospitalized.

The important thing to remember is to take it one task at a time and develop a prioritized list. But the most important and first thing to do is stay in the chair! It is so easy to see other things that need to get done (like housework) when I really need to be writing. What I’ve started doing that works is to set time aside to write. I commit to work for one hour and I set a timer. I normally find that once I get going I don’t want to stop. It’s all about diving back in and sticking to your plan.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a treat. I’m still behind on some work but I still set aside an hour each night to watch some television with my husband. I also continue to have my monthly girls night. I think it is important to punch out and take a break. When I walk away from my work and do something fun, even if it’s only for an hour or two, I always feel rejuvinated and ready to get back to work.

We are creatures of habit so any disruption of a productive routine can spiral your writing rhythm off. The trick is to rediscover your routine. Get back into the groove of things. AND GET BACK IN THE CHAIR!

Have you rediscovered your routine? How did you do it?

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5 thoughts on “Rediscovering Routine

  1. J. R. Whitener says:

    Routine, for me, is an impossibility. There are too many factors that change weekly. Instead, and partly due to an obsessive compulsion, I write any waking hour I can between duties and chores.

  2. Great advice Natalie! So glad things are looking much brighter for your baby girl 🙂

  3. amyshojai says:

    Hang in there. Good advice–I need to post this on my wall!

  4. First of all, I hope your daughter is doing well. What a scary time that must be when your child is at a hospital!

    I must admit that my routing sometimes waivers. But I try to stick to what I know is important: writing, spending time outside, family, healthy food, sleep. And right now I am taking time off from blogging (which I just announced in my latest post) to finish my book, edit it and publish. It is my goal number one but I still can’t escape from, at least, some social media interactions and other day-to-day activities. That being said, I’m off to write 🙂

  5. good post, added you to my RSS reader.

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