Making time to be socially smart

When I have time to work I must make the most of every typed word or jotted note. Most of the time I write while dodging stuffed animals or the occasional flying Little People toy. But the fact remains that there are so many resources out there that I can learn from. Thanks to social media outlets like twitter, it’s easier than ever to connect with great people and resources but how can you benefit from social media without letting it steal your valuable time? Participating in social media is good business but you can be socially smart about it.

As someone who LOVES studying time management, I’m always looking for the best ways to benefit from resources while still accomplishing my goal list.

1. Save Draft- Every morning I open up a new email addressed to myself. I create a daily reading list with that email.  Throughout the day I collect any blog posts or articles that catch my attention and post the links into that email. Later, when I need a break or when I’m done working in the evening I can relax and benefit the articles I’ve been collecting  all day. This way I can accomplish my to do list when I’m not dodging flying toys and still catch up  on some great reading.

2. Triberr- Recently I joined Triberr (thanks to Jenny Hansen) and it is quickly changing the way I manage my blog posts and blog\article readings. Triberr also allows me to “approve” or check off posts that Ive read so that  I can move on from one to another easily. Triberr is a great resource for sorting out the blogs you follow and making it easy to gain a following without spending all your time on it.  You don’t have to do all the work.

Whatever you do, you’re probably looking for ways to save time. Social media is a fabulous way to learn and a great  place to waste time. As I said in a recent post, Shakespeare didn’t have Twitter. Only you can know how much online time you can handle before it overwhelms what you really want to accomplish.

How do you manage your social media time? What’s your secret?

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4 thoughts on “Making time to be socially smart

  1. angelaackerman says:

    I am finding Tribber to be a great help too. And I love the idea of saving the posts for later, rather than wasting too much writing time while we do have the time to focus. 🙂


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  3. Jenny Hansen says:

    Natalie, I think every mom loves Triberr! It allows us to keep up on promotion and read and comment easier. AwesomeSauce (as another of my mom friends says)!!

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