The tricks of a therapeutic writer

Let’s be honest- writing is therapeutic. Have you ever found that you are more effective during difficult times? Well I am. Notice how I say effective rather than productive. Since my daughter is still ill and we are dealing with going back and forth from the medical centers my work has suffered. I love to write but mommy is my first title. However, the ideas keep flowing!!

Now you don’t have to be going through a crisis to get some great ideas. The important thing to do is to remember these ideas when you first have them. WRITE IT DOWN!


Seriously I keep pen and paper with me at all times. I do have an iPad and iPhone but for me there is just something organic and more meaningful about writng the idea down. I’m also more likely to remember it if I write it. Now if I can’t write it down. Sometimes the best ideas come in my sleep. I do sleep with a pen and paper on my nightstand but disappearing pens are a frequent problem in our house. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the act of theaft is due to my inquisitive daughter or naughty dog. Whoever is to blame, sometimes I don’t have a pen when I need it. This si a great opportnity to email myself and I do so often.

Life happens. Sometimes our work suffers but that doesn’t mean our creative flow should suffer. Keep your ideas growing. Make them count and do not let them go to waste. When life gets in the way it’s our ideas that keep us feeling creative and excited about every second we get to write! It is tempting for me to feel nothing but dread and a huge sense of overwhelmingness when I sit to write and try to catch up. I’ve made the choice to be an artist. Ithink it is easy for writers to get caught up in the stress of the industry and lose that creative spark. Even when youare behind keep those creative juiices flowing and WRITE THOSE IDEAS DOWN.

These are the tricks that are currently helping my career keep moving when it could easy take a backseat burner. As my husband says, I’m way to stubborn to give up my dreams. He is right and when he reads this post he might frame those words! Even when life isn’t throwing your lemons it is crucial to keep tabs on those creative sparks in your brain. Making idea writing/filing a new habit and it just might bring out the better artist in you!

Life is hard but you can control your approach to your craft no matter what other uncontrollable factor are thrown in your corner. Finding that great community to help you stay focused and driven is also vital.  Please share your secrets of keeping the creativity when life gets tough?


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