Defeating the negativity

Negativity is our evil twin. This evilness can rear up its annoying presence to anyone. Any writer, artist, dancer, musician, etc. Really anyone, no matter what they do will experience negativity. For writers and many artists the negativity takes form in, “will I ever make it?” or “I’m really not good at this.” Whattever your negative go to phrase is…STOP IT!!

As I’ve said in my popular writing moms class, I always ask if you want whine with that cheese. Now wine may help you. I’m currently hooked on pinot grigio but whine will get you no where. It’s self-defeating, negative and will stifle your creative talent.

My current negative problem is time. “How will I get all of this done?” constantly floods my thoughts. Well, I know that by thinking this it is only taking time away from the productive time I’m avoiding. I’ve been flooded with family medical drama and that comes first. However I’m seeing that by maaking myself stick to a schedule, even if it’s not ideal and what I’m used to, I’m able to stay true to myself and avoid losing myself in these dramatic situations.

All artists feed off emotions. Don’t let negativity be your drawing board. Keep writing, drawing, singing, dancing, etc. Diagnose your negativitty and DEFEAT IT!!!

Lately I haven’t had as much time to read some of my favorite blogs. This makes me sad L But there was one post on Ingrid Schaffenburg’s blog that really spoke to me, Slow is the New Fast.

All this month I’m celebrating my debut book, ‘Caring for Your Special Needs Dog.’ I still fill fulfilled with each email saying that it has helped a special needs dog. Help me in celebrating the anniversary month of this book!




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