Following your own advice

Thanks to the Internet advice is all around us. Whatever you seek, it is there for the taking (of course always consider your source.) The writing community is especially great at giving advice. Since I’ve been a writer I’ve found everyone to be genuinely helpful and full of advice. But are you actually following your own advice?

So many people have their “specialties” that they speak on. Mine is how to be a writing mom and how to best manage your time when you are a busy writer. I was a writer first so when I had my daughter I had to quickly adjust to the challenge of being both. Thanks to some techniques I devised I believe I manage it well and I’m always happy to help others.

Being a writing mom is always a growing process. Our needs change and schedules must be adapted. It’s knowing how to meet the latest challenge that makes you a success. Currently I needing to rework my usual routine. Since my daughter was officially diagnosed with autism her needs have changed. We have therapies to attend and activities to work on in the home. Being a mom is my number one position but I also don’t want to lose me in the process of caring for my daughter. Writing is who I am. I’m constantly thinking up new ideas and seeing scenes in my mind and wanting to write dog books that inspire others.

This week I woke up at my usual 4:30am (yes, I’m probably crazy) for my daily yoga and to begin my writing/mommy day. The first thing I did when I sat down at my Mac Book Pro was revise and article for publication. At that moment I sat back and realized that I was completely ignoring my own advice.

I advise writing moms to begin each morning working towards their goal in some way even if it is small. For example, my long-term writing goal is to be published in fiction. Because of this goal I typically start my day by writing 500 words towards my current fiction project. Now that doesn’t mean that is it for the day. My daily fiction-writing goal is 2,000 words but being a writing mom I know that things do come up and I also have freelance deadlines. By starting my day with some writing towards my long-term goal, I feel so productive and good about myself. This really sets the tone for my day and keeps my eye on my dream.

But life happens and I failed to follow my own advice. I help so many writers yet I wasn’t helping myself. The next day I put of revising another article and wrote over 600 words. That same day ended up being a rough day with my daughter but I felt better knowing that I made progress on my goal. And I still was able to revise my articles during her naptime.

Life happens but it is important to follow your own advice. I’m using the same journaling technique that I used when my daughter was born to adjust to my new routine of writing with an autistic child. Through perseverance, dedication and  by following my own advice I will find my new routine.

Do you follow your own advice?


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5 thoughts on “Following your own advice

  1. Joy Held's Writer Wellness Blog says:

    Yes, I follow my own advice. Keeps me honest. Can’t ask someone else to do what I won’t. Great post today. hugs..

  2. Gene Lempp says:

    Following my own advice is a work-in-progress for me. In general, I do follow it but I can’t say always. Thanks for the inspiration to push harder toward that goal, Natalie.

  3. Such a great post. This is definitely one I struggle with from time to time; to walk the talk. I find that sometimes, it’s easier looking in to someone else’s life to offer helpful advice and suggestions but when it comes time to implement them in our own….easier said than done.
    I think the point is to recognize it, like you did. To be open. And then to change course when you do. I think in that way, we are living authentically.

  4. Great post. I love your suggestion of working toward goals straight away in the morning. I’ve found this to be helpful on multiple levels, from time management and productivity to self confidence and happy moods. 🙂 I certainly try to take my own advice, and lead by example. We probably all have weak areas, though. Mine is probably sleep!

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