Making summer work for you

It’s here. The weather is hot, the pools are open and the kids are out of school. So with your routine in shambles, how will you get any writing done? The trick is to incorporate summertime fun into your work time.

Summer means outdoor time. This is a great opportunity to break free of your usual writing setting and take advantage of the great outdoors. Writing moms can combine writing with getting children away from the TV and video games and outside. Take your laptop or notes to the park. All playgrounds have benches or picnic tables. This is the perfect setting for writers to soak in some sun.

It is unavoidable. Summertime will disrupt our routines. It is important to discuss your goals with your family at the beginning of the summer. It is fine to enjoy family time but they should also respect your goals and dreams. Develop a family summer schedule. With more people around the house, take advantage of the help with household chores. By helping you, your family will be working towards more valuable family time.

Summer is great time to take advantage of family time and make time to relax and clear your mind. When we get stuck on a scene it’s often just the act of walking a way for a little while to clear things up.

How will you maintain a writing routine this summer? Share your secrets to having summer fun while still meeting your writing goals?

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One thought on “Making summer work for you

  1. This is an issue I face each summer! June 8th looms – the last day of school here in PA! I do have my son in some week long full and half day camps, but its scattered. I fully plan to get up at 4:30AM and use that 2 hours before the house wakes up as strict writing time – no social media, email. I wrote my first book this way and never sleep much past 5:30 or so – so 4:30 isnt a stretch. I know I will be off routine and out of whack – so instead of fighting it I embrace it knowing my son wont be 9 forever and want to hang with Mom.

    These summers only come once so I have made a pact with myself to relax and some times just DO NOTHING much with my son but hang at the pool, snuggle on rainy days with a movie, eat an ice cream cone,or just daydream. And when I can I bring whatever I can to the pool to focus on writing – a notebook, a self-help writing book, my WIP just to read and make notes….You are right, we can fit it in wherever we are and make it part of our day without taking away from the summer and our family.

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