Taking community to the next level

I know that I typically blog on Wednesdays and Fridays. However, today I’m just too excited to not jump up and down and type about it!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the writing community is AWESOME! Since I took my writing career full-time before my daughter was born I’ve grown to really appreciate and crave community among other writers. Luckily for me, finding community among the writing industry was so easy. If you are a writer, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We are all in this difficult-to-navigate industry together. That’s why I found Kristen Lamb’s books “We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media” and “Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer” so helpful. We are NOT Alone!

There is so much more to being a writer than just writing. We are our own PR consultant, secretary, and accountant. If you are like me, and you work from home you also serve as maid, chef and nanny (if you have children.) Some days the workload can be very intimidating. This is where having a community comes in handy. You can connect with other people that share your challenges. And more importantly, you can learn from others. We all have our areas of expertise. Take advantage of these resources.

The same thing can be said for any artist. Artists must think in terms of a marathon. Very rarely is an artist truly and over night sensation. The day-to-day backbreaking work can drain you. All the more reason to find a community that can help you through those late night meltdowns.

Kristen Lamb, the same author that penned the concept of “We are Not Alone” is taking community to a whole new level and making it easier than ever to connect with like-minded artists. The new WANA International will be the go to place for writers to grow in numerous areas including business, craft, lifestyle and social media. WANA international will bring you community and education from top-notch instructors. “These days, creative professionals all need more training than ever before. Writers are not the only creatives who must learn to use social media in order to stand apart from the competition and to help lay the foundation for a career,” explains Lamb.

And through the new WANA Tribe, a social media site, artists can connect with each other. By bringing together artists of all backgrounds we can grow stronger as a community and help one another with our gifts.

To help artists grow, WANA International also offers a variety of workshops. You can “see” your instructor through webcam and get the opportunity to interact and ask questions. What an opportunity to grow in your craft!

As a former professional dancer I appreciate all artists and love this new opportunity for artist-entrepreneurs to get to interact and learn from each other. We truly are not alone!

I’m reaching out to artists and sharing my expertise in a workshop this July. I’ll be teaching a two-part webinar for the Writing Mom: You can have it all. My class begins July 10 at 7:30-8:30 CST and concludes July 17 at 7:30-8:30. This format is very different from the month long workshop of the same topic that I teach through Cool Gus Publishing. This format will give students the opportunity for a greater level of interaction and the addition of more visible aides. Be sure and check out the classes that the line-up of fantastic authors is offering.

I’m very excited to be part of the WANA movement. To me, WANA International represents the next evolutionary step to community. Communities keep us grounded and help us grow towards achieving our dreams. With the social network plus amazing courses, I believe WANA International will be the hang out for artists of all kinds. WANA really is a movement. Those who follow me on Twitter know that most of my tweets end with the hashtag #MyWANA. It really is a “love revolution,” as Kristen calls it. You can read up more about #MyWANA, the “love revolution” at Kristen’s blog here.

This is a very exciting time for writers and all artists and it’s important for us to stick together and help one another. It is true that two heads are better than one. Through discussion from many artists specializing in varied areas of artistic expertise, every artist can grow and reach their goals. As our world changes we need community and encouragement more than ever. I believe that WANA International: Empowering Artists of the Digital Age will be an organization to help artists get to the next step in their careers.



Join me and other WANA International instructors this Friday night for a Twitter party! Stay tuned for info about the party. Knowing everyone involved, it’s going to be the place to be in cyber space! For the party, join us at the hashtag #WANAPARTY.

I’m happy to be offering my “Writing Moms” seminar in a different, unique, 2-night webinar experience this July 10 and 17. Learn more here.

Don’t forget I’ll be teaching a month-long workshop “Time Management for the Busy Writer” this October through Cool Gus Publishing (formerly Who Dares Wins Publishing) this October. This class will be just in time for NANOWRIMO! Learn more here.

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of “Caring for Your Special Needs Dog” on sale now.

A special congratulation and happy book birthday to my friend and fellow West Houston RWA member, author Karen Burns. Karen’s debut novel “In Hot Pursuit” is OUT TODAY!

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4 thoughts on “Taking community to the next level

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    WOOT!! Party this Friday. You know I love to Party and the Love Revolution is the very best reason I can think of. 🙂

  2. […] having a big Twitter party on Friday (initial details here)! There will be prizes and balloons, and I’m hoping to sneak in a margarita […]

  3. […] I discussed on Monday, WANA International is taking community to the next level. As its tagline states, “Empowering Artists of the Digital Age” and it does just that.  With […]

  4. Can’t wait to party with you! Gonna be awesome. 🙂

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