Creating the well-rounded artist

There is more to being an artist than just writing, painting, performing, etc. Being an artist is a business. For that vast majority of us we are our own secretary, accountant, public relations specialist, social media manager, and then we squeeze in our actual artistic talent. And don’t forget necessary housework. We are also chefs, maids and if you have children-a nanny. 

It hasn’t always been this way. Shakespeare didn’t have Twitter. With today’s technologies, artists have to do so much more than focus on their craft if they want to make it. So how do you do it all? Become the well-rounded artist. I know it sounds easier than it is. I’m sure there’s an app somehow for this or you can visit the new WANA International and find community and resources specifically for artists. Read all about WANA International from its founder author Kristen Lamb.

As I discussed on Monday, WANA International is taking community to the next level. As its tagline states, “Empowering Artists of the Digital Age” and it does just that.  With workshops taught by top-notch artistic instructors in business, craft, lifestyle and social media- artists can stretch their talents and reach a well-rounded state that will best benefit their careers.

And don’t forget the importance of community. WANA International offers the WANA Tribe, the latest social media craze but specifically geared for artists. You can chat with artists and learn from each other.

The great writers of the classics only had to write. They didn’t have a care for social media or most business tasks that we deal with today. Learn to make the most of your talents while staying up to date with everything else. I’m teaching my WRITING MOMS AND DADS workshop in a two-day event, July 10 and concluding July 17 at 7:30-8:30pm CST on both dates. Click here for more information.

I invite you to explore the new WANA International site and see what workshops you could benefit from. Don’t forget to join WANA Tribe for a chance to mingle with many artists of varying disciplines.


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