The importance of being quiet

Lately I’ve bee reading the best book, “Mitten Strings for God” by Katrina Kenison. It is a fantastic book for parents but really anyone can learn from her simple, common sense approach to life.

In a recent chapter she address being quiet and how today’s society encourages us against being quiet. Even children’s toys get louder and louder with flashing lights and are anything but quiet. I agree with Kenison that it is important to step back from the noise and experience some quiet time each day.

She spoke about quiet time in the context of spending time with you family. I think this can also be applied to our writing lives. Yes, I know this sounds silly. Many of us are “quiet” when we write. However, if you just take some time to slow down and be quiet, you just might find the answer to fixing that pesky scene or find a way to better introduce that character.

Do you make room for quiet time in your life? How do you enjoy this time with your family? Your writing life?

And now on to a real fun topic that will be anything but quiet….

It’s time to party! If you’ve been on Twitter this week and have found yourself very confused by the #hashtag #WANAPARTY it’s all leading up today. Today beginning at 2pm CST all artists are welcome to celebrate the launch of WANA International.

Look here for all the party details.

And to start the party fun a little early, enjoy some music to set the mood.

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One thought on “The importance of being quiet

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