Using your “something” to find balance

I begin each day with reading a short devotional of some kind. Currently I’m reading ‘Balance: Living with life’s demands’ by Tracey L. Henderson with my Sunday school class. I know that religion and politics are the “no-go” areas with blogging (unless that’s your topic) but a line from my reading the other day really stuck with me and it’s very applicable in a time management sense.

“The most common barriers to a devotional life is simply finding the time and space in our busy schedules…As busy as he [referring to someone mentioned in a previous chapter] was, his life ran much more smoothly when he took time daily to spend with God.” I love this lesson and I’m not trying to preach about the importance of spending time with God BUT look at the lesson here. Does your life run more smoothly when you make time for something?

We can play around with the sentence. My life runs more smoothly when I make time for yoga. I have a bad back and I spend my day chasing a toddler and sitting in front of a computer. If I can ease my back pain then I’m a much happier and productive person. My life also runs more smoothly when I take some time to myself. Either I read or watch TV. Yes, these tasks take time away from my daily goal list BUT by doing them they do make me more productive and help me have a smoother life.

Feel in the blank. “My life runs more smoothly when I take time daily to ____.” Whether it’s yoga, reading, spending time with God, etc. everyone has their something.

Figure out your something and you’ll find that balance to having it all. How do you find balance?



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One thought on “Using your “something” to find balance

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    I find balance by writing. By blogging. And by spending time with my family. 🙂

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