Do you need a “time out?”

The other day Baby Markey decided to stand on the back of the couch. Now in order to fully understand my horror, you need to know that our couch does not back up against a wall. That’s right. It was a mommy freak out moment.

I helped her down and told her no. Then, while looking right at me she laughed and climbed back up. Giving her the benefit of the doubt (she is young,) I helped her down and told her no again. Guess what happened next?

The moment had come to introduce my daughter to the childhood-dreaded “time out.” I took her into her room and sat her in a chair she has in the corner. I sat on her bed to make sure she stayed there. I read that a child needs to be in time out for a minute for every year.

After her little behind barely sat on the chair she reached down to the side of it where I couldn’t see. I wondered what she was doing until she pulled up a book. Without looking at me she opened and began to act like she was reading. It was adorable and she successfully got out of trouble. She didn’t make it to the two minutes before I hugged her and we read that book together. However, I was so jealous. Why can’t someone tell me to sit in a chair and read for “time out!”

Now of course, in the future she will not be allowed to read during “time out.” It is a time of reflection on what ill deed she has done. However, this got me thinking. Maybe a “time out” wouldn’t be a bad thing for me.

So I did it. I in a sense punished myself for working so hard. I took a day off. There was no cleaning or writing. I played with my little girl and I read. I devoured a whole book that day and remembered what it felt like to curl up on the couch and relax.

The next day the change in my productivity was incredible. During my time out it never occurred to me that I would be helping my work. I just thought it was a day to off to recoup from everything. It was so much more.

Now I’m making sure to take a time out at least once a week. Really giving up one day will increase my work on all the other days. So even though I lose a day and actually gain tasks accomplished.

Have you taken a “time out” lately? Maybe you should.

I had the privilege of being a guest blogger this week at Peanut Butter on the Keyboard. And for our next act…the writing mom! How do you find balance?

And for some fun, check out this wine! I believe this is a must for any mommy “time out!” And it was good too J


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2 thoughts on “Do you need a “time out?”

  1. Love it!
    I have to say since we are child-free, I do take a number of time outs. I believe in enjoying, maxing and relaxing.
    Here’s to you giving yourself many more time outs!!

  2. Jenny Hansen says:

    What a fantastic post, Natalie. I want a time out too!!!!

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