We are moving to Saudi Arabia!

I’ve been just itching to talk about this and now I can. We are moving to Saudi Arabia. This has been a very long time coming it seems but now things are moving at warp speed. My husband has accepted a wonderful job and I’m so proud of him. And when I say “we” are moving to Saudi Arabia, yes I mean our dog Oscar and the two bunnies we rescued and have now completely domesticated. Bunny Jedi loves her evenings on the couch watching TV!

What does this mean for me? I will still write from there. In fact I’m going to have more time to do so. My husband’s hours will be less demanding than they have been at his current position. Plus we will be living right by my Dad, which means I may never see my daughter again!

I will still teach my popular Writing Moms and Time Management for the Busy Writer (with Cool Gus Publishing and WANA International) from there. To all The Mortal Instruments fans reading this, I WILL still be The Mortal Instruments Examiner with Examiner.com. I will not be living in a sand dune. I will have the Internet. The only real difference will be that you will see me on Twitter at different hours and I may have to wake up at odd times to conduct phone and Skype interviews.

We will be moving sometime between July 31 and August 10. I’m dreading the move but looking forward to getting settled in our new home. I’ll keep everyone updated here and on Twitter. I’m looking forward to the adventures this will bring.


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2 thoughts on “We are moving to Saudi Arabia!

  1. CONGRATS! So exciting and I can’t wait to hear all the details and see tons of pictures! Be sure to share as much as you can about the journey. Woot woot!

  2. Jenny Hansen says:

    Holy cowbell! Now I can’t just pop in and visit you! I can’t wait to see what changes this brings to your life, your writing and your blog. Happy moving (I know, that’s an oxymoron)!!

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