A representation of America in our everyday lives

The Fourth of July is a time to reflect on patriotism. Fortunately with my pending move to Saudi Arabia (read about the move here) I’ve been thinking a lot about patriotism. I use to always think about those that serve our country on holidays such as the Fourth of July. I still am thinking about all those brave men and women today but there is another group of Americans that represent our Nation throughout the year and show others what it means to be American. I’m about to be an American expat and today I’m adding them to my patriotic thoughts.

An expat (or expatriate) is a person who is currently living and well established in a foreign country but is hired a foreign country or an International company. Technically I’ll be an expat’s wife but expats and their families do represent America wherever they are. Through kindness, caring acts and just overall respectful behavior, we will set the example just as the Saudi’s around us will demonstrate examples of their great country.

My father lives in the same city we are moving to and yesterday he was cooking food for the annual Fourth of July picnic. That’s right, American’s celebrate Fourth of July in Saudi Arabia. I may no longer be in America but I will take her with me wherever I go. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little apprehensive of the move. Actually, I really just want to get past the packing and paperwork stage! But I really am looking forward to the adventure and being the patriotic American I’ve always been just in the Middle East.

You don’t have to live overseas to be a good representation of America. It’s easy to show the proud American spirit in simple, ordinary tasks. By helping an elderly person with their groceries at the store or volunteering to tutor a child, our Nation’s future. I feel that authors are very patriotic in the sense that we strive to contribute to the knowledge and entertainment of our society.

How do you represent America in your everyday life?

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Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans everywhere! I always celebrate holiday with food. Instead of posting a patriotic picture, here is a picture what I’m making today! I’m layering strawberries, blueberries, whip cream and angel food cake. Yummy! And I can’t think of the Fourth of July without some Lee Greenwood. Enjoy!



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