Writing while on the move…literally

So my writing routine has been erratic lately all thanks to my upcoming move to Saudi Arabia. I’m a huge fan of keeping a routine. I preach this over and over in my Writing Moms workshops. But there are some times in life where any routine is thrown out the window. That’s where I’m currently at and since I love routine and do best when on a schedule, it’s driving me CRAZY.

So here I am pulling my hair out when all I want to do is take my laptop and be here….


But that’s not an option at the moment so how am I staying sane? Well, firstly I remember my priorities. I’m first a mother before being a writer. I’m fortunate to have a career where I can work from home. I get to spend all day with my precious two-year-old and three pets that feel that they are children too (and let’s be honest, sometimes they are more difficult than the toddler.) Though it’s a blessing to work from home with them it can also be a problem especially in chaotic times such as this move.

I’m sure many of you have also encounted crazy times that might have thrown a monkey wrench at your writing. Well, here are some things that I’m doing to weather the storm of crazy.

1. Reevaluate what you can realistically do. I’m a huge fan of lists. I always have a daily goal list that I work from but as things come up such as a major move, that goal list may not he as doable as it normally is. I take a look at what I can get done realistically given the situation and amend my goal list accordingly. This prevents me from having a long list of uncompleted goals at the end of the day.

2. I make time to work out. I’m always a fan of a good workout and believe it’s value in my daily routine. Any stressful and hectic time is NOT the time to cut out a workout. Now I have had to cut down on the amount of time I give my workout but I still keep it up at some degree. Working out is a great way to relieve stress and stay productive when it’s easy to feel down.

3. Take a break to read. Reading is so important for any writer. During this crazy time of moving I’m not able to read as much but I’m setting aside a little time each evening to read. This helps me relax before bed so that I can actually take my mind off all that needs to be done and get a good night sleep.

4. Spend time with your significant other. It’s so easy for me to retreat into my at-home-office once my daughter is in bed for the night and get lost in my work. My husband is quick to steal me away at times even if it is just to watch a sitcom on television and snuggle for a moment. Even a short time together helps me to clear my head and remember that I’m not alone in my stress.

I may not be working at my normal productivity level but I’m making progress and staying in the writing game. This helps me to hang on to me and what I love to do. Despite the stress of moving I do have the excitement of looking forward to returning to a more productive writing routine and feeling settled again.

How have you handled times when your writing had to cut back due to life circumstances?


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One thought on “Writing while on the move…literally

  1. Great advice! Things are hectic enough with a toddler and writing; I can’t imagine trying to move at the same time! Good luck with it.

    Oh, yes, I’m with you on the value of having a routine, too. When my routine is off, it’s so hard to get anything done.

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