Throw away the excuses and clean for better writing

But I need to write (insert whiny voice here.) I need to play princess tea party. It’s Sesame Street time with Baby Markey! Yep, I can think about several more blog posts filled of the excuses I use to not clean. Lately though cleaning has been unavoidable with our house on the market. As much as I despise this task I can say that it has been beneficial and educational.

Even without knowing it, clutter can serve as an unwanted distraction from writing. Even if you still write, there can be a nagging reminder in your mind of how you are avoiding somethings that should be done. I have learned that when I sit down in my clean office I feel a great sense of relief and accomplishment. I am able to devote more focus to my writing projects.

So I took this realization further than just cleaning the house. I tackled the task of cleaning/organizing my desktop. Goodness I’ve been trying to work while staring at clutter right in front of my face! This was also important to do because I recently resigned from my local freelance contracts since I’m moving to Saudi Arabia and want to focus more on my book projects and International contracts.

As much as some of us dislike it, cleaning can be benneficial in ways other than getting the obviously clean house. For those of you that have school age children, this can be a great time for some cleaning. Soon you’ll be diving back into your non-summer routine, and what a better way to do that than with some cleaning?

Have you discovered the magic that cleaning can bring to your writing and life in general? Share it in a comment!

For a moving update, we finally have the official move date! We’re moving to Saudi Arabia on September 7th. That is just around the corner! I apologize for not being as big of a presence on Twitter lately. I miss my #MyWANA peeps but life is super crazy! I’m looking forward to finally being moved and getting settled into my new routine.


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2 thoughts on “Throw away the excuses and clean for better writing

  1. L.S. Engler says:

    I’m actually plagued with the opposite problem. I wind up cleaning when I should be writing! In my defense, the cleaning really needed to get done. But there’s only so much cleaning one can do in a small apartment, and then I won’t have the cleaning excuse for why I’m not writing anymore….

    Good luck on all the moving (and cleaning!).

  2. denisedyoung says:

    I’m a big believer in Feng Shui and chi, so I can’t write in a place that’s messy and full of clutter (dirt and clutter=negative energy). I try to keep my place clean and even do a simple space-cleansing ritual every now and then. I don’t think everyone has to go so far as burning sage to have good energy in their home, but I also don’t think we can really be our best creative selves if we’re surrounded by chaos. It doesn’t have to be perfect, though. My mother used to have a magnet on her fridge that said, “Dull women have immaculate houses.” 😉

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