Soaking up experiences

Writers are like big sponges. We absorb experiences. Learn from feeling, new emotions and events to enrich our writing and make us better artists. This is the outlook I’ve taken lately as I’m surrounded by paperwork and boxes in preparation for our move to Saudi Arabia.

            This week I’ve been listing and pricing EVERYTHING we own. Yes, I’ve been forced to acknowledge our pack-rack tendencies but it’s been fun to rediscover some items and get rid of things that we truly don’t need.

            When the stress gets overwhelming, I take a break for a good book. I’ve found many old favorites among our things and it’s like spending time with an old friend.

            This experience of moving might be stressful but it is a new experience. I’m looking forward to life in the Middle East. It will be a new life, new culture, new food and new friends. What a way to enrich my writing experiences with new life experiences.

            You don’t have to move to grow from new experiences. You can take on a new hobby. Set a new schedule to introduce a change, etc. What have you done to create and benefit from new experiences? Are you taking advantages of your new experiences and letting it enrich your writing?

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2 thoughts on “Soaking up experiences

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    Oh my Lord, I hate to move!! Sorry, I just had to get that out after reading this post…

  2. Marie Trout says:

    It is all about the perception – I agree 100%. By shifting our focus, we can shift our experience.

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