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The dark side of the computer

OK, I’m trying to make reference to ‘Transformers 3’ when communications went dark and the astronauts investigated aliens on the moon. I may not be on the moon but I am definitely in a new world with little communications. If it seems like I fell of the planet I kinda did, technology speaking. We moved to our new home in a compound in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia to find all communications down. This is a result of a cyber attack. SLOWLY things are coming back up but even now I’m working with a very temperamental 2G network. Oddly enough, the easiest site to access is Facebook so that is how I’ve been getting my news. Yep, that’s sad.

Technology seems to run our lives. Being without it during this move transition has actually been a good thing. It’s eliminated any temptations I’ve had and I’ve been able to focus on our new home and getting our daughter, dog, and bunnies adjusted to our new life.

This time has also allowed me to work ahead on future blog posts, work on all my book projects and just relax. I did miss celebrating some new releases with some of my talented author friends. So below is a list of some great new reads to check out and I’m sorry that I couldn’t actively celebrate these book birthdays.

‘Hidden’ by Sophie Jordan

‘My Super Sixteenth Century’ by Rachel Harris

‘When You Give a Duke a Diamond’ by Shana Galen

‘Who Dares Wins: Special Operations Strategies for Success’ by Bob Mayer

Congratulations to all!

During my Internet dark days I’ve still been plugging away at my work just minus my typical constant web presence. It’s nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel and know that normal (if there is even such a thing) life will resume soon. In the meantime having little Internet access has been great for prioritizing and furthering my ongoing education on time management.

Thanks for sticking with me and know I’ll be back to regular blogging (and with so many adventures) soon!

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