Life in Saudi Arabia

We are finally feeling adjusted to our new home in Saudi Arabia. We will only become more settled as our shipment starts to arrive.

The trip was tiresome and stressful. I think there is really no way to completely prepare for an International move. We were however, spoiled by first class! Baby Markey enjoyed the food and slept a lot so her daddy and I could relax and catch up on some movies. International flights are really a treat for parents of young children. It’s a time to watch the movies that we couldn’t see in theaters thanks to our little angel.

Amsterdam is probably my favorite layover destination. The food was great, shops were fun and they had a playground for Baby Markey to run around and stretch her legs in. Again, we were spoiled by the first class lounge and it may actually be worth saving to travel that way on future flights especially with Baby Markey. We will see about that.

We were greeted upon arrival to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by my husband’s new supervisor. This greeting was impressive considering that it was 2 am Saudi time when we got through immigration and customs.

It was exciting to arrive but we had a tired little girl and we were anxious to see the area, which was difficult to do in the dark. The morning brought much excitement as we got to really see our new home. To be honest, it’s fantastic. I wasn’t expecting to love it like I do. Baby Markey is happy to report that she investigated every cabinet, closet and corner of the home. She did this while calling out the names of our wonderful furry babies, our dog Oscar and two rabbits Diamond and Jedi. They’re travel was delayed a week because of an airline strike.

And now it’s time to discuss my irritation with the Internet! We live in one of the oil company compounds. They fell victim to a cyber attack right before our arrival. To allow IT to remove the virus and to prevent it from causing the intended damage, all communication systems were shut down! This meant we had little phone contact. We could only call the States with our U.S. cell phones and you don’t want to know our bill. We had NO Internet. As a writer and a journalist who makes a living on the Internet this was a personal disaster.

Communications are slowly getting better. For a while I couldn’t check my email. Now I can but only on my iPad and I can’t accept or send any attachments. But hey! I’ll take whatever progress I can get.

I’m back on Twitter but can’t include any links. I hired a virtual assistant prior to my move and now her help is going to be even more valuable than I once thought. Any Facebook messages or Tweets with links will be coming from my virtual assistant, Karianne. I’m sure she’d love a hello now and then!

Baby Markey’s new nanny started yesterday. This will really allow me to get a lot of work done (mostly playing catch up for now) done in the mornings and then in the afternoon I’ll be off to playgroups, Latin Dance and music class with my little socialite.

It’s good to be back and as always thanks for your patience in sticking with me. Beginning this week my blog will resume with its normal Wednesday and Friday posts.

To celebrate your Wednesday, enjoy my family’s theme song from our travels.


3 thoughts on “Life in Saudi Arabia

  1. Sounds like an amazing adventure Natalie. Love it! Be sure to take some photos so we can all get a sense of your new environment. Here’s to continued communications improvements!

  2. Glad you’re getting settled. Reminds me of flying to Bahrain on my own for a new job. I stopped in Amsterdam on my way over too. Way back in 1997! Salaam Alaikum!

  3. Piper Bayard says:

    Best of luck to you all in your new home! I’ll be thinking about you and looking forward to your updates about life for an American woman in Saudi Arabia. Just out of curiosity, will you be able to drive while you are there since you’re American? And will you have to wear a burka when you go out?

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