A new special needs pet

On Wednesday I shared details about our journey to our new home in Saudi Arabia. While our trip was enjoyable and uneventful, the furry babies had a much different experience. We flew KLM but they were scheduled on Lufthansa. Thanks to an airline strike they were delayed a week and were boarded in Houston. Once their journey began they had a two-day layover in Germany.

Somewhere along the trip the bunnies, Diamond and Jedi experienced some injuries. When I saw them upon arrival to Saudi, Jedi had a gash in her neck that exposed her collarbone and Diamond had a broken leg. Both girls (yes, Jedi is a girl) had emergency surgery. Jedi is fine but Diamond’s leg was beyond repair. The veterinarian had to amputate one of her front legs. So our family is now helping a new special needs pet adjust to a new life.

Oscar, our dog inspired my book, “Caring for Your Special Needs Dog.” He has epilepsy but we’ve learned how to help him deal with his disorder and he has a wonderful life and adds so much to our family.

The bunnies have always been special. From the moment we found them drowning in our backyard in Arkansas to taking them with us to Saudi Arabia, they have both found ways to our hearts and we love them. Seeing them so hurt was difficult and the relocation firm is looking into answers as to what happened to them and why no one was notified.

Diamond is adjusting very well to her condition. She is hopping and running again. Like Oscar, she has a special need but she will be fine and have a wonderful life while being a valued member of our family.

Oscar arrived with no injuries. It didn’t take long for him to return to his routine of sleeping between my husband and I and watching TV from the couch! Though the trip was difficult on them we would have never made this move without our entire family including our furry babies.

Do you have a special needs pet in your family? How do they add to your family’s life?


One thought on “A new special needs pet

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    Oh my goodness, Natalie! I would have been SO upset to see my animals in that state. I’m delighted that you’ve got everyone mostly on the mend and that you’re on the other side of your move.

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