Think before you write

Social media is wonderful for self-promotion, networking and interaction. However, it can also take a lot of your time and ruin careers quicker than anything else. Be smart and think before you write. Just because you’re sending a tweet doesn’t mean that you throw professionalism to the wind.

Be professional and never speak poorly about anyone. No matter what your feelings on a topic or an individual is, social media isn’t the place to voice it if you want to build contacts and maintain a professional career.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. As social media grows, so does cyber bullying. There are those that know they are bullying but I feel that because of quick ability to share ideas in this Internet age, many of us write hurtful, bullying things without fully realizing it. Just as it’s important to safe guard your career against posting stupid online comments, it’s equally important to understand how a comment could hurt another.

All you have to do is think before you post something online. It only takes a second and you could save your career or someone else a lot of pain.

Spread the word about National Bullying Prevention Month and even after October do your part in preventing this growing problem. As our lives become more dependent on social media so does the risks that it brings. Be smart and think before you write.

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