Making the most of a flood

Today’s blog has even more meaning to it than when I originally wrote it. Several weeks ago our dog Oscar woke up at 3AM with the sudden need to go outside and tend to some business. My husband took him downstairs and they were greeted by ankle deep water that covered the entire downstairs. It didn’t take my husband long to find the problem. A pipe under out kitchen sink was still pouring water out into our new home in Saudi Arabia.

I do want to compliment the maintenance workers. We rent our home from the company, which my husband works for. We called maintenance and they were at our house within 15 minutes of our call, even in the middle of the night.

After a lot of work, our house cleaned up and is just fine. With exception of two new rugs, an Xbox gaming system and some of Baby Markey’s dolls, there was little damage. Had our main shipment arrived, the damage would have been much worse.

So other than the importance of making sure your electronics are off the floor (even when you’re unpacking) what did I learn from this experience? NEVER PUT ANYTHING OFF TIL THE NEXT DAY!

As a writer, I get the luxury of setting my own schedule. This is a great thing but it also makes it very easy to put projects off until the last minute. Luckily I was in a good place writing wise and could take a couple of days off for flood cleaning without falling too behind. But I did see how such an event could be devastating if I was up against a hard deadline.

All writers, whether you have an actual deadline or not should make personal deadlines and work ahead of them so your stress can be manageable when a “flood” occurs.

Many American’s were affected by the super-storm Hurricane Sandy. My family left for a mini-vacation to Bahrain and returned to find Sandy dominating the news. We were gone for three days and the news completely shifted from election coverage to Hurricane coverage in that small time.

Life can throw us curve balls out of left field. We may think we have plenty of time to make that deadline or goal but are we really allowing enough time? If a “flood” strikes how will it affect your writing schedule?

Work ahead and always stay ahead of what life will throw at you.

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