Irons in the fire

I always have several irons in the fire. I like to stay busy and with multiple projects. This way, I never get bored and have many things to work on if I need to shift gears.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there is no such thing as writer’s block! I do get stuck on scenes and when I do I simply shift gears to another project.

Now you don’t have to have multiple projects to agree with me. Just divide up what you do. For example, if you write fiction, divide up your work.

1. Writing
2. Editing
3. Research
4. Promotion

These are four tasks that every writer does whether you have one project or five. If you are writing and find yourself stuck on a scene, simply switch gears. Take some time to edit your last chapter, do some research for an upcoming scene or write a blog post that will benefit your promotion.

Take a moment away from your work to switch gears to another task. Don’t get too caught up in whatever you switched to. Just edit a scene and then return to whatever was giving you some trouble. Just the act of “walking away” and doing something else is enough to return to your work with clear and open mind.

If you just need to get away from writing work all together you can also take a break to fold clothes, do the dishes- I know fun stuff, right? Just do something other than staring at your pages.

By taking time away from a troublesome scene you will see a huge difference in your productivity and you can say farewell to writer’s block!

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