So much time, so little to do

No, this title isn’t a proofreading error. It comes from one of my favorite ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ (the original, sorry Johnny) quotes. The entire quote is, “So much time and so little to do. Wait, strike that and reverse it!”

We all stay busy but there are simple things we can do to make the most of the writing/creative time we get. Many of us are participating in NaNoWriMo this month and these tips are great for getting a good start to a big writing month.

1. Wake up an hour early. You can do it!
2. Consider a thirty-minute, easy workout part of the above-mentioned hour. Getting some exercise will really jump those creative juices in gear!
3. Read over your work at the end of each day. This will refresh your memory on what you’ve done and you actually like it. Also it will get you thinking about the next day’s goals. Maybe you’ll dream about the next day’s scenes in your sleep!

There are easy things you can do to jump-start that writing career you’ve been talking about. Just stop, think, and plan. Test out the plan and see what works best for you.

What tip helped you find the routine that’s working for you?

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