Benefits of the quick draft

When I was on the plane moving to Saudi Arabia I started writing a new fiction novel. The idea had come to me a few weeks prior and I had taken some notes on it. Now a month later, I am almost done with the book. I would have finished it in a month had I not taken some time off for our move. Many of you are participating in NaNoWriMo this month and writing an entire book in one month. There are many benefits to writing a quick draft if you do it right.

Ideas come to me all the time and when one simply won’t leave me alone, I know that it’s the right one to work on. The problem is that I’m the world’s worst at second guessing myself. I typically get a little over halfway through a story and then I decide it’s no good. A quick draft can prevent such second guessing. When you dive into the story and allow it to flow quickly it fosters more creativity and prevents negativity.

But how can you be creative and still outline?

It’s easy and time efficient. I always outline at least 10 points ahead. In addition I always have the final two points of my novel outlined so I always know where things are headed. By only outlining 10 steps ahead I maintain a flow and I’m not just rambling on my pages. However, it allows my characters to maintain some creative flow. In my current manuscript I switch villains. Well not technically but the villain I began with outlived (literary) her purpose in developing my hero and heroine. So I made this bad girl a hurtle to the BIG CHALLENGE. By allowing more creativity over strict outlining, I give my true creativeness a playground to develop something truly great and organic.

Through my writing journey, I’m finding this process easiest in the quick draft. It gives me less time to second guess my initial instincts and allows me to really enjoy writing as a passion rather than a job.

Many of you are experiencing the art of the quick draft this month with NaNoWriMo. Do you like writing a quick draft? How has this helped your writing?

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