Thanksgiving- A Day for Family

November is always a big month for serious writers as NaNoWriMo unfolds. As we approach its end it’s normal to feel a sense of pressure to finish your novel goals and become what writers know so well, a recluse.

However tempting it might be to stay hidden in your pages, I beg you to look up and get out of your writing hole and spend the holiday with your family and friends. Of all the “thanks” post I’ve been reading I have yet to see someone’s number one mention be related to their computer of work. It’s always about family and though you want to finish that word count goal, don’t forget what this holiday is about.

Take a break, breath, eat great food and laugh with those you love. Don’t lose sight of the people that support your writing.

Plus, a small break before the final NaNo push may be just what you need. Take this time to step away from your manuscript. I find that stepping away gives me a fresh set of eyes when I return. Enjoy a break before the final push and you’ll find yourself more relaxed and sharper in your work.

What are your non-writing plans for the holiday?

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