The artist’s Christmas shopping ways

As an artist, my creativity doesn’t just stay on the pages I write. I find that I’m creative in almost all aspects of my life and this includes Christmas shopping. This year I started shopping months out since most of our shopping is done online. Even though most presents to family and friends are not personally gift wrapped by me I still find ways to add that personable touch by being creative in what I chose.

I like to take great thought in what I buy. Every present needs to be perfect for its recipient and show them that I care. When it comes to my daughter each present represents an area of development. She is getting presents that promote role-playing, creativity, physical activities, etc.

And nothing is better than finding that perfect present for someone. I also love doing family presents. People are so quick to get lost in a new game or book so I love putting thought into gifts that will bring families together. Every year my family gets a family gift. This year I bought our family a Civil War collectable wall décor map for our new house and a golf toss game for our backyard.

Whatever you chose to buy for Christmas gifts remember you are an artist. Put your creative ways to the good use of giving this holiday season! How are you creative in what you buy?

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