The art of the tag

At Christmas time you can always tell that I’m a writer. The presents under the tree may not be as beautifully wrapped as my crafty mother’s presents but those present tags are amazing.

The holiday season is more about giving than receiving so I take great pride out of selecting personable gifts for everyone in my family. My tags aren’t just the generic to:____ from:_____, I love to put thought into them. Last year we got our daughter the Little People Zoo Talkers Zoo (a great gift for anyone shopping for toddlers) and the tag read, “To our little wild one!” This year she’s getting a doll for one of her presents so the tag reads, “You will always be my baby doll.”

I may not be crafty or into making those amazing scrapbooks like some but my tags are awesome and I save them each year. Put your writing to use this holiday season and create fun tags to go along with the perfect gifts that you’ve bought for the ones you love.

Do you get creative with present tags? Share some of you best tag work in a comment below.

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