Categorizing the New Year you

It’s that time again. You’ve eaten your black-eye peas for luck, the cabbage for wealth and are sufficiently full and ready to face your New Year’s resolutions head on. But what is your resolution this year? Is it related to your diet, career, personal life, etc? I’ve always been against the single resolution method. Don’t we all strive to be well rounded in our attempt to have it all? Your resolution should reflect just that, your journey to becoming the well-rounded person you aim to be.

It’s because of this idea that our resolutions should match the categories of our life. Strive for balance and improvement in all areas.

These are my resolutions for 2013:

Family- Play outside more with my daughter and eat on fine china once a week for formal sit down family meals.

Fitness- Work out every morning and focus on toning and flexibility.

Career- Publish non-fiction, polish and pitch 2 fiction novels.

Personal- Become fluent in French, again.

Making a New Year’s resolution is smart but make them realistic. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Have a plan to go with each goal. Don’t just resolve to get an agent in 2013, plan out how you will accomplish this goal.

Set deadlines for achieving goals. Set smaller goals at various stages throughout the year as a way to stay on track and achieve greater goals. Be your own boss and set progress reports throughout the year. Judge yourself and keep yourself on track. I think you will find that you will be the most challenging and difficult boss you’ve ever had!

Are you looking at your life in categories when setting a New Year’s resolution? How are your 2013 goals contributing to the balanced you?

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