Are you really ready to fly through 2013?

We’re nearly halfway through the first month of 2013. You’ve set your goals, began your diet and are feeling excited about the opportunities ahead. Word of caution, time will fly. Close your eyes and imagine it’s December 31, 2013. Have you met your yearly goals? Where do you stand in the “big picture,” meaning are you any closer to your grand vision regarding long-term goals?

The truth is that the habits you put in place today on January 11, 2013, will help you reach December 31, 2013 as a sane person. Unfortunately we don’t get awesome DeLoreans and Doc to help us time travel and tweak our lives. If any of you have found said DeLorean with Doc then please let me know because my husband has been asking for that only since our first date. The same applies for the Batman Mobile and Iron Man suit. Anyway, I digress. 11 more months may seem like a lot of time to get things done but it really isn’t.

What you do now will set the tone for the entire year. So how do you set yourself up for success? I begin each year by organizing and stocking my workspace with office supplies and motivational decor. Now when I say motivational decor, I’m not talking about making your workspace coordinate with the colors and theme of your home. That is what living rooms are for. No, I’m referring to surrounding yourself with motivation in the sense of inspirational quotes, goal lists, and pictures that ease tension and provide a positive work environment.

Another important step to pointing yourself in the right direction is to design a plan and smaller goals that will get you to the big goals. Assign goals to each month. I even write this on the calendar in my office. This also is a great psychological de-stressor. I always find that my smaller monthly goals never seem as overwhelming as the yearly ones.

Whatever tricks and tactics work for you this is the time to plot them out and put them in motion. Vow to not look back on 2013 with disappointment. Think big, take small steps, and make it happen. It’s time to sit down, buckle up and prepare for this year to fly.

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