It’s never too late for a New Year do-over

This post may come across your computer too late but here’s to hoping my experience helps. It is never too late for a New Year do-over, in fact these do-overs may come in unpleasant events that force you to sit back and refocus.

I ended 2012 at a great place in my blog. I always worked a month ahead and tried to follow trends that would best appeal and help my readers. Then the holidays happened and I fell behind with my organization. I was getting back on track and had just finished wrapping lesson plans for my upcoming Writing Moms (and Dads) workshop with WANA International when disaster hit on a medical and professional scale.

My gall bladder became inflamed. Without going into the gory details I was scheduled for surgery. With a week to go I tried to work ahead on projects but the pain became too much. Yesterday I was rushed to the ER and now am typing from a hospital bed recovering from a more invasive abdominal surgery than originally expected.

Don’t feel sorry for me. I will be fine but have your heard the saying God laughs at those whom make plans? Yep, that was me but this time it is proving to be a great (yet painful) time to reflect and look forward. I have been not feeling like myself lately and now I know why. I may have celebrated 2013 but for me my recovery from this surgery marks my true New Year.

When learning I would not be working my usual writing schedule for at least a week I was horrified but that feeling of not being able to have my typical day quickly went away at the knowledge of how not having me at my best would impact those around me. My husband, daughter and yes…the furry babies are all in this with me. So instead of missing my work, I’m missing my life and using that thought when beginning my recovery. I miss feeling well, I miss picking up my daughter, hugging my husband close and romping on the floor with my dog Oscar and the bunnies Diamond and Jedi hopping on me.

I also miss my work and regret falling behind in working ahead. I’ll NEVER make that mistake again. No one really knows what each day brings. But this is also a great time to reflect on my work. Read over scenes, notes, story ideas. I really am looking at this as an opportunity to rest and restart my New Year. January 1 may not always jump start the year you want. My January is clear proof of that as I certainly left intense pain off my resolution list. So, I guess what I’m rambling about from my hospital bed in Saudi Arabia is that it is never too late to think about your New Year goals. It’s never too late to take time and reflect. And working ahead is ALWAYS a great goal but sometimes life just happens. When it does, try to relax and make the most of the experience.


Start off your February by taking career changing classes like the many listed through WANA International. I will be teaching my popular Writing Moms (and Dads too!) monthly workshop starting February 4th. By signing up for an additional consultation component you can get a suggested work schedule set by me that will meet your personal needs. Let 2013 be the year for the writer you!

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