Forget that box of chocolate, life is like a hard to open Barbie package

Being a parent is hard work. Being a mom who works from home is even harder but opening a Barbie box; you apparently need to actually be a rocket scientist or the toughest Navy Seal there ever was. Seriously, who designs the packaging for Barbie and other troublesomBarbiee toys? Do they hate humanity or just find amusement in making parents suffer to their child’s screams of, “open it now!” Yes, can’t you tell, Baby Markey is now into Barbie and I recently suffered the horrors of that packaging. However, as I struggled to open that “I Can Be Dance Champion Doll” it hit me (and yes, at one point the packaging actually did hit me,) So many things in life are like those difficult, infuriating toy packages.

Life is hard. There are days where I question my writing but then I go back and read something that I wrote a while ago and remind myself that I can do this. I’m not the best mom everyday. Sometimes dinner is late or I let naptime run longer because I’m enjoying the quiet and the thought of hosting a playgroup is nauseating. But then there are those moments that make it all worth it. For me, it’s always the small things like when my daughter believed she was taking hopping lessons from our pet bunny or our nightly reading routines where each book read concludes with, “one more book please.” I’m blessed to work from home because there is no better writing break than having my daughter come to show me her latest art masterpieces.

Life is full of layers, just like the plastic, tape, and those odd twisty-ties from hard to open packages. You have to work hard to get to the good stuff! But oh, it’s so worth it.

Forrest was right with that box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. However, when you set goals and dreams you have something attainable and real in your mind. It’s up to you to break through the packaging and get your prize.


My popular Writing Moms (and Dads!) Workshop and Personal Consultations start March 4. If you’re a parent and a writer struggling to have it all then this workshop is for you!

Writing Moms (and Dads!) Online Workshop
Date: March 4th, 2013 – April 4, 2013
Description: Plot, character arc, transitions, climax, revise, rewrite, make that deadline, blog, check social media sites, continued education, volunteer for local writing group, read critique partners manuscript, research agents/publishers, read books within your genre, read a craft book and network. These are ALL things that go through writers’ minds on any given day. But what if you had to add: Make bottles, keep up with diaper/Gerber/ formula supplies, feed baby, play dates, bathe baby, wipe up thrown sweet potatoes, shower to get sweet potatoes out of your hair, more playtime, hope for a naptime (for baby, you must write,) read to baby, and hope baby actually goes to bed at the designated time.
For many writers, this is reality. In fact, many full-time writers are made because of a child being born. Some amazing mothers write late at night, around their day job. However you do it, being a writing parent is a challenge but very doable and rewarding. Learn easy self study tactics, time management tips and suggestions from a ten-year freelance journalist, published author and speaker who also has a two-year-old daughter and a high maintenance dog. You can have it all without losing your mind.
Register HERE

Writing Moms (and Dads!) Personal Consultation
Dates: March 4, 2013 – April 4, 2013
Length: Two 45 min. phone consultations. The first consultation will be within the first week of the four-week Writing Moms (and Dads!) workshop. The second will be scheduled prior to completing the workshop.
Description: Take what you learn from the Writing Moms (and Dads!) workshop and get one-on-one guidance on developing the best plan for making you a smarter writer. The first consultation will be a detailed interview followed by a discussion of time constraints. The second will be about developing the best plan for you based off your first consultation discussions. You will also get personalized methods for implementing, testing and carrying out your plan.
Register HERE

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