Wake up and live your dream

We all have dreams. Whether you want to be a bestselling author, platinum selling musician or the best mom, everyone strives for something in life. My dreams in life are to be the best author and mom I can be. Often times these goals butt heads. That’s why I love teaching my popular “Writing Moms (and Dads) workshops so I can share what works for me with others. As I tell my students, being a writing parent is hard but there are some easy steps you can take so you can have it all without losing your head. One of my favorite things I do each morning helps me to achieve both my goals and it can be applied to help you too, whatever your dream is.

Even though we all have dreams, very few of us are able to work towards those goals every minute of the day. However, I have found that if I do something in the early morning towards accomplishing my dreams it makes me a happier and more productive person throughout the day. Each day I start my morning early with some stretches and then I write five hundred words on my current fiction project. Five hundred words is not a lot and they don’t need to be five hundred great words. By doing this, no matter how busy or off-track my day may become I know that I did something for my dream of becoming a great author.

For me, my five hundred words in the early morning also helps me to be a great mom. In truth, my daughter runs my schedule and some days are crazier than others. If I hadn’t written my five hundred words in the morning it would be easy to become frustrated and short with my little active toddler. But when my precious little girl wakes up sick or just wants mommy to play all day I can give her my full attention feeling proud that I accomplished something for my dream.

Everyone who knows me knows I can’t seem to do anything without music playing. So, today enjoy “Wake Up” by Colton Dixon. I just love the line, “the story begins when we open our eyes.” So perfect for writers and anyone who needs to wake up and take control of their dreams.

Are you waking up to your dream each morning? What small task can you do each morning that will continually take you closer to accomplishing your dreams?


Registration for my “Writing Moms (and Dads!)” workshop is now closed until the next session. However, there are so many wonderful courses offered over at WANA International.

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One thought on “Wake up and live your dream

  1. Thanks Natalie. This is just what I needed to read today.
    -Michael Peterson

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