Confessions of a dieting writer

Dieting is hard, especially for a writer who has never had to diet before. I’ve always been thin, a consistent size 2 or 4. However, since my emergency gall bladder surgery I have not had a flat stomach and my cute rhinestone Black Market and White House jeans only fit if I forfeit breathing. I already exercise an hour a day. So I’m afraid, the time has come to tackle an actual diet…..(enters dramatic music.)

Now that I’m thinking about it, dieting is not conducive to professional writer’s schedule.

  1. Writers sit for long periods of time.
  2. A bowl or bag of junk food is often easier to grab for lunch than something healthy.
  3. Late night snacks and caffeine are our friends.

After some thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that dieting may pose greater challenges for writers than other professions. These three points alone are terrible for dieting and healthy living in general. However, I’ve always preached that staying fit helps writing. Even when I’m up against deadlines (like I am now) I never miss time on my elliptical machine or morning yoga. Staying fit helps me keep a clear head and just feel overall healthier. So, if exercise can help us feel/write better I know it only makes sense that adding a diet can only increase productivity.

Still dieting is hard stuff! I’ve NEVER done this before. So my strategy? I’m going to begin with cutting back on my portions and ensuring that I’m eating the right things and no more popcorn snacks! Our house is already a soda-free zone, which I’ve read is a good and important thing.

I know dieting is always a popular topic of discussion. What has worked for you? How do you curtail those late night snack cravings?

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One thought on “Confessions of a dieting writer

  1. Jay Donovan says:

    The TechGuy lifestyle has similar snacking temptations…

    My trick to maintaining my ‘girlish figure’ is to have a selection of different cheeses around. Rather than hitting the chips or junk food, a piece of cheese does me much more good. The protein is good for keeping the munchies away for a while and the fat helps my body feel full more quickly.

    Other tricks TechWife & I do: Using smaller plates, drinking more water with meals, eating more slowly, and not forgetting about doggie bags when going out to eat.


    P.S. Halfway done with the Sekret Project. 😉

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