Adventures of the appropriately named Jedi rabbit

I really should notify Disney to request for my bunny Jedi to have a role or even a cameo in the upcoming Star Wars films. We named her sister Diamond after Arkansas, “The Diamond State” where they were rescued. Jedi, however was initially named as a way to get my husband to warm up to the idea of keeping more than one rabbit. Little did I know how well the name would suit her.March 27 Pic

Over a year ago I rescued three two-week-old cottontail bunnies from drowning in our backyard. Really the heroic congratulations should go to our dog, Oscar, who found them. I took them in even when veterinarians cautioned me about the immense challenges of nursing wild rabbits. Most refuse all milk other than their mothers and if they do drink many of the times their digestive track can’t tolerate the milk. This was the case with Artemis, who died after two weeks but her sisters Diamond and Jedi flourished and now are wonderful editions to our family.

Many, even family members, still refer to Jedi as a boy and for good reason. The vet originally told us she was a he. We didn’t know Jedi was a girl until the rabbits went in to be spayed and neutered. Though a little surprised to not have this rambunctious little boy bunny, her name Jedi served her well and remained.

Where Diamond is fearful and shy, Jedi boldly goes where no rabbits have gone before. She plays with our eighty pound dog and even chews Oscar’s nails for him. Yesterday when returning from the hospital I found Jedi waiting for me in the front entrance of our house. The bunnies are always in their habitats unless they are supervised. Just imagine two puppies with a great desire to chew. Sometimes I swear bunnies are more destructive! But true to her name, Jedi found a way out of her securely locked habitat. Fortunately I found no damage around the house. I did find evidence in the form of a single strand of hay laid out on our Italian leather sofa. I think it’s safe to say how she spent her time.

Time after time this little four-pound rabbit shows us her love and adventure for life. It’s hard to tell her no to anything. She somehow always gets her way and is a great example of how well a name fits a furry friend or person.

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