When you have to save the world…

So that may sound dramatic but this is what makes me write, workout, clean or anything that requires motivation. No, I know I can’t really save the world but thanks to the right theatrical score, I can definitely fool myself. I need music in my life. Without it nothing seems to get accomplished and it can’t just be any music. I need heroic sounding theatrical scores from movies.

Nothing motivates like a heroic tune. How can I get off the elliptical machine when that music makes me want to take down the villain or save the world from a number of natural disasters?

It’s almost to the point that when a new action flick comes out I’m more interested in its score. As for my writing, I often chose which score to listen to based on what kind of scene I’m working with.

Currently my favorites are “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon” and “X-Men: First Class.” I seem to rotate out various scores and I get so excited when I get a new one.

However lately, I could probably do anything to the sound of Baby Markey counting to ten. Now that she can do that it is all she wants to do and I love the sound of her sweet voice.

Everyone has their unique rituals they follow while navigating life. What do you need to accomplish work or just everyday life? I now give you some great heroic music as you enjoy your Wednesday!

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