A week closer to potty training and a finished manuscript- Celebrating the little things

Today I didn’t do any work even though I had things on my to do list. Why? It’s important to celebrate the little things. Our daughter went this week with no accidents (as far as number 1 is concerned.) In our ongoing battle with potty training our stubborn toddler, this wApril 5as something worth celebrating. As if we didn’t need more reason for a family fun day, we were also celebrating the middle grade novel that I finished this week. Yes, I have many goals to reach; yet none of that could happen if I didn’t finish this draft.

We all have big goals and dreams but it’s important to take time and enjoy the smallest accomplishments. As our reward, we spent the day at the mall. We had a sand storm that day in Saudi, which means that any outdoor activities are out of the question. Lucky for us a certain little girl needed a new summer wardrobe and a brand new, totally epic toy store opened in the mall. Needless to say we had wonderful family time and even though I neglected some things for it, I know I feel more refreshed tonight.

Days like this are important to have. Without the small victories in life our dreams would be forgotten. When was the last time you celebrated something no matter how little the accomplishment may seem to you? Did you include your family in this time of celebration?

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