Why my daughter thinks all phones are cameras

Baby Markey has a toy kitchen. It’s a great toy and she loves to “cook” family meals. The other morning she was “making” some scrambled eggs while talking on the play phone. She put her play conversation on hold and said, “just minute, need to take pictures.” She began taking play pictures with the phone of her play food. She believed that this play phone was also a camera and it got me thinking how different her generation will be from mine. April 10 blog

Today smart phones can practically run our lives. I do have an actual camera in addition to my iPhone but honestly most of my pictures are taken by my iPhone as I’m caught in the moment. It’s easy to see how my toddler will assume that cameras and phones are the same item just used for different purposes.

I also worry about my daughter’s generation when it comes to books. Now I love my iPad and ibooks. It’s easier for travel and to carry around and it definitely solves the problem of my overflowing bookcases. However, I still love holding an actual book and getting lost in its pages. I once saw a Good Morning America story that showed toddlers holding magazines and tapping the pictures expecting something to happen like a graphic from an app.

My daughter plays with apps but I will not purchase her ebooks. I want her to hold her books and turn the physical pages. Technology is great but I really often worry about how it is changing younger generations. I remember life without email, apps and that nagging feeling I now have to constantly be connected to my world.

I’m not saying that kids should avoid technology or that technology is bad but it is interesting when it starts to change the perceptive usage of a toy to a child.

Have you seen similar acts from your child that you can trace to modern technology? Do you set a limit on computer or iPad time for your child?

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