What plans?

The number one thing parenting has taught me is to never make plans. In fact, get up early and work as if the day is booked because you never know when a trip to the ER or another “crisis” can occur. The other day I had the entire day scheduled for writing. I even had dinner already going in the slow cooker. The day was on track to being perfect when Baby Markey suddenly couldn’t walk. She normally only knows one speed, go but out of the blue she couldn’t put weight on her left leg.

We ended up in the ER and after hours of testing we learned that she just had some hip inflammation left over from her recent viral infection.

Surprisingly I still got a lot accomplished that day but it was just one of many examples as to why no parent should count on plans. I’ve come to be surprised if anything goes as planned. I really do get up early and get the most prioritized tasks accomplished first.

Sometimes our altered plans are good. The other day Baby Markey was insistent that I sit with her and watch “Beauty and the Beast.” When I sat snuggled up with my little angel singing “Be Our Guest,” there was no other place that I wanted to be or anything else that I’d rather be doing.

Cherish the good changes in your schedule and take care of what matters most when the not so good changes happen.

How do you work and prepare for those things that pop up and ruin our plans? Do you work ahead or get up early?

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