The love for books transcends International difference

Books are powerful. They grant knowledge and take us to exciting new worlds. This year my family began an incredible journey. We moved to Saudi Arabia and yes we took our dog and two rabbits too. It’s been an adventure settling in, getWed 4-24ting our things shipped from the states, buying a car, meeting new friends and feeling like the minority for the first time in our lives. I learn something new about the culture every week. For example, this week I learned that there is a proper way to pour tea. And no I’m not talking about the need to extend one’s pinky as Disney’s Princess Sofia is taught in the new “Sofia The First” television show.

I’m always learning new things but this week I’ve been reminded that we all have one thing in common–a passion for books. This week I’ve been honored to participate in the Dhahran Library Week and World Book Day celebration. It’s been wonderful to meet with and talk to authors, writers and readers of the Middle East and Eastern Province.

Though I’m new and still learning about Saudi Arabia, when I ask attendees what Library Week means to them the answer is always the same. It’s to promote and celebrate a passion for reading. A love that transcends oceans, customs and different ways of life.

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