“I did it!” and other lessens from my toddler

We have a new phrase in our house, “I did it!” We are in full-out potty training mode with Baby Markey and each time she does her business where it’s suppose to be done she yells, “I did it!” That was the start. Now anytime she does anything of any significance she yells, “I did it” and it’s very contagious.

When was the last time you praised yourself? I’m not talking about going to the bathroom any more, I’m talking about giving you some credit. I find it easy to get caught up in my hectic life and forget to praise myself for meeting my word count or making another healthy dinner for my family despite a rigorous deadline schedule. Life is busy but I really believe that shouldn’t stop us from recognizing the accomplishments that we meet no matter how small they are.

Baby Markey checking out Mom's reading glasses

Baby Markey checking out Mom’s reading glasses

In our kitchen we have a stainless, dry-erase board. Each day I put the date, an inspirational quote and the daily menu up. Sometimes the message is religious, funny or a quote. Yesterday I used one from Stephen King. I usually reserve inspirational writing quotes for my office but I believe that this one applies to us all. “When asked, “How do you write?” I invariably answer, “One word at a time.” Think of all great things – take the Egyptian pyramids for example. They had to have been built bit by bit with hard work. Look at the pay off. All of our biggest dreams are composed of smaller actions. I want to see my fictional stories in the hands of readers. I know that this dream can only become real by writing word by word.

So, thanks to my daughter I no longer scoff at a finished page thinking of everything else that has to be done before the story can be submitted. Now I say, “I did it!”

Life goes by fast but that doesn’t mean we should ignore our accomplishments. I say, “I did it!” after completing each day’s to do list rather than flipping the page to immediately remind myself of the next day’s tasks. And it feels good. Congratulations comes at the completion of something. Why shouldn’t it be sprinkled throughout, pushing us forward to the goal?

Do you praise yourself for the little things completed? Our children are so innocent and focused on the now rather than the million things that crowd our grown up minds. Has your child reminded you about something valuable in life lately?

“I did it!” This blog post is complete. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend. For me in Saudi it’s the end of the weekend and tomorrow begins a new workweek but I’ll celebrate the small things and relish in my daughter’s shouts of “I did it!”

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