How writers can make the most of sick days

It happens even when you work from home. We all get sick days and punching out of life is hard and most of the time impossible. I suffer from horrible migraines. Lately the treatment I’m on has been working. I’ll still get them but when I do they are manageable. This past weekend however I experienced a really bad one. You know, that kind of sickness where you are stuck in bed and curse any sound, light or movement. That was my weekend. Thankfully it was a weekend and my husband was home. At least I could rest easier knowing that my daughter was taken care of. Yet, in the back of my suffering mind I couldn’t stop thinking of work.

Sick days can also be a little easier to weather when you have a loyal companion.

Sick days can also be a little easier to weather when you have a loyal companion.

I had several news articles for my “Mortal Instruments Examiner” column to publish along with edits on my second dog book, and two fiction projects. Now was no time for me to be ill. Yet that didn’t help my migraine any, if anything thinking of all this made it worse. Then it hit me and I’m not referring to my daughter’s play stethoscope from one of her check-ups on me. Writers can benefit from a sick day.

What better time for us to meditate on an idea or an area of our story that has us stuck? That’s what I did and not only did I solve a problem in my story but I also felt a little better for getting something done.

Meditation is always a great resource in writing. It often beats staring at the computer screen waiting for inspiration to strike. This is something that we can do when sick and stuck in bed. Being sick is rough but sometimes we can still make the most of it creatively speaking.

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