Personalizing the ‘Flat Stanley’ concept for your kids

Do you remember “Flat Stanley?” It is a children’s book by Jeff Brown. It
actually has a very tragic story where a young boy is flattened by a bulletin board.
However, Stanley makes the most of the situation to travel the world in an envelope.
Talk about cheap air rates! To the point; when I was in grade school I remember
coloring and cutting out my own Flat Stanley paper doll to take pictures with when I
traveled or someone in my family traveled. My daughter is not familiar with this
character but we recently found a fun new way to incorporate this concept into her


My husband and I went to Dubai this last weekend to see a ballet and take
explore the city a little before our longer trip in September, when we will travel
there with our then three-year-old daughter. We had a wonderful time and like all
traveling parents, we promised a souvenir to our daughter. I got creative though.
Instead of just a souvenir, I made a “Flat Stanley” like production with the pink
camel we bought.
The camel was photographed in front of Dubai’s Burg Khalifa, the world’s
tallest manmade structure among other sights. I even danced with this camel in
front of the dancing fountains.
We showed our daughter the images and videos as we gave her the toy and
she loved it! This was a great way to celebrate our weekend return and to see her
lovely smile.
There are many ways to take the concepts behind children literature classics
and turn them in to some personal and creative for your child. Have you done this

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