Parenting plus: Learning something new

I’ve always been creative with movements and words but never art. I did win a coloring contest in early grade school only to feel pretty pathetic when the judges complimented my extraordinary sense of abstract art. The truth was that I totally tried to color in the lines! So, IOur little artist’m no artist. I respect it but can’t do it. As a mother I want my daughter to find something that she is passionate about and talented at. I remember the feeling that dance gave me and I want that for her. So guess what she’s latched onto? Art.

It all started with a coloring book and now I’ve spent everyday for the last two weeks tackling a new art project each day. Yesterday we painted a turtle shaped rock for the garden. Today we’re painting birdhouses. I use to avoid crafts and now I’m searching for craft ideas online.

However much I dislike paint anywhere near my Italian leather sofa or the fact that I am neither talented at or enjoy art; this all goes away at the look of concentration and excitement on my daughter’s face. In my opinion, the best part of being a parent is to be able to see the world again through fresh eyes. With this I am being pulled into the world of arts and crafts, something I never would have done if it wasn’t for my daughter. Yesterday she got so excited over the realization that blue and yellow paint makes green! Just seeing her love for something is enough to make me enjoy it as well.

Taking time to learn something new with your child is another great way to strengthen your creativity. Currently I’m on deadline but I find myself more creative and productive after our art sessions. Just another parenting plus! I love how our children can inadvertently help our productiveness.

What new something has your child taught you?

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