Conference season prep: Cleaning time

Many writers associate summer with conference season. I’m leaving for the annual Romance Writers of America national conference in just a little over a month. This will be my third conference and I learn something new each year. Of course, such a large conference is full of great information for all writers but I always enjoy what I learn about my preparation. This is why I’ve dedicated a month to conference season preparation. I hope that readers will chime in and share their suggestions and ideas on how to best prepare for a large-scale writers conference.

I’m beginning my month-long countdown with a good cleaning. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all that you need to do.
1. Finish perfecting manuscripts.
2. Practice your pitch.
3. Plan your wardrobe.
4. Since I’m a freelance writer: pre-write articles for publication during that conference week.

And the “to do” list could go on and on. I find it easy to get overwhelmed and I’m sure I’m not alone with this. As much as I hate to say this (because I hate cleaning), the best way to prepare for anything is to start out with a clean workspace. In this month of final prep for my conference I’m going to spend a lot of time in my office. The best thing I can do is to clean and organize my office so that I can be more efficient in my work and who really wants a messy desk?

You will also appreciate that clean workspace when you return from your conference. Every time I attend a conference I return home feeling energized, refreshed and ready to dive into work. A clean workspace will only make it easier for you to organize conference notes, contacts and get to work.

Do you schedule a good office cleaning before you attend a conference? I’m tackling this project this weekend. My “weekend” here in Saudi is Thursday and Friday so wish me luck!

I’ve written here before on how important music is to my work and life in general. It seems that I can’t write, workout or cook without my iTunes playing. This also holds true for cleaning. I’ve been planning my family’s Walt Disney World December trip so with that in mind here is a fun song to jump-start your cleaning!

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