Conference Season Prep: Are you organized?

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m covering all things related to preparing for a large-scale writing conference. This will be my third time attending the national RWA conference and it can be both overwhelming and rewarding.

Last post I discussed how cleaning can help in your conference prep. Sticking with a similar theme, today is all about organization. Are you organized? If you aren’t certain about your answer then it is a NO. I always find that Help Me!being organized and even taking a day off to get that way speeds up my writing process. This can help you tremendously in your final month before a conference.

How are you to fine-tune your manuscript when you can’t easily access your notes? See this is why organization is important and valuable to accompany your pre-conference clean. I keep files of notes and contacts from each conference I’ve attended. I like going over these before I attend a conference. My notes usually instill that “I can do this” attitude that conferences are great at serving up.

Do you take time to stay organized? This is a great way to make the most of your writing time by having your work organized to the best way for you.

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