Conference Season Prep: Staying fit

As writing conference season approaches many writers are working overtime on their manuscripts and pitches. As tempting as it is to cram every waking minute into your work, now of all times is not the time to cut back on your fitness.

Conferences are stressful. Fitness tackles your stress. Leading up to a large-scale conference I increase my fitness level in order to manage stress and be able to keep my back loose from sitting in my desk chair.

Even more so, it is important to maintain a fitness routine when at a conference. Of course it will be near impossible to fit in your usual routine because you probably won’t have access to your gym or have the time. You can create a minimal workout, which can be done in a hotel room or hotel fitness room.Fitness Apps

And like most things these days, there’s an app for that! I use the “Daily Workouts” app. There are several and they are free. There is a basic “Daily Workout,” which covers cardio, abs, butt, legs and arms. You get to select the target area for the day and time. The workouts change so you don’t get board. They also have a separate “Daily Yoga” app. Being an app, this can travel with you and can be used in a hotel room. See you have no excuses.

Staying fit affects my mood and how I feel. Don’t you want to be at your best when meeting with agents?

How do you stay fit leading up to a writer’s conference? How about at the conference itself?

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