Conference Season Prep: Fitness and plotting

Following up from my last post on fitness I want to stress again how fitness does not take time away from your pre-conference rush. When your stress level and health are cared for then you are more productive. As if that isn’t incentive enough your fitness time can also double as thinking time.

Before I get on my elliptical machine I always read what I just wrote and look ahead to what I’m writing next. I then think on that as I work out. I’ve come up with my best ideas during a work out.

Music such as soundtracks also helps me when plotting while working out. You can play around and find the fitness plan that works best for you and your writing career but the important thing is to find a way to incorporate the two together.

You can also read while working out though I find that this sometimes gives me a headache. Most exercise equipment has a place to rest a book or pages.

This form of multitasking is great for busy moms (like myself) or those who are juggling another job. How do you incorporate your writing into your workouts? Do you see that each benefits the other?

Gym 1

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