Conference Season Prep: Embracing the cute

I’m now leaving in two days for the U.S. for a month of work. As a freelance journalist and author it’s pretty easy to work from my home in Saudi Arabia but sometimes I just have to get up and travel. I’ll miss my daily wardrobe of comfy workout shorts and a Baylor University t-shirt and my four furry baby assistants who gather at my feet while I work but mostly I’ll miss my family and home. With that being said, these last two days for me are all about EMBRACING THE CUTE!

Last night my daughter and I had a girl party. It was just the two of us, well and the entire cast of Glee on blu-ray and just about every pillow and stuffed animal/doll in our home. Who knew toddlers loved pillow fights so much? Anyway, my point is that I had stuff to do to get ready to leave but instead I spent time with my daughter. It’s moments like that that I will miss so I’m taking them all in now.

Tonight the plan is to watch a movie with my husband after our little one goes to sleep. Of course when we watch a movie it isn’t just us. Oh no, we have Oscar the eighty-pound dog, Beast the kitten and occasionally either one or both of the rabbits, Diamond and Jedi. Movie night includes our furry babies. Again, I’m embracing the cute.

While on my own for the next month I’ll have plenty of time to work but I won’t have my family. It’s easy to get caught up in packing and last minute tasks but stop and think about what really matters. EMBRACE THE CUTE!

Let me know if you’ll be in Atlanta for RWA. I’d love to meet up!

Beast-3 Our kitten Beast, how could you not embrace this cuteness!

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