The fascination behind Shark Week

This week began the 26th annual Shark Week. This is like my Super Bowl. I’ve loved Shark Week since Shark Week I was a little girl. I’ve never missed a season and this year worked out well as I’m traveling in the U.S. during Discovery Channel’s big show.

But why do we watch Shark Week? Why the fascination? Is it fear? Respect for these magnificent creatures or what? For me, it’s respect and fascination. My love for sharks is why I became a SCUBA diver.

Whatever your reason is for watching Shark Week you probably agree that it has become very much a topic of discussion. This fact is even more prevalent with the emergence of social media. Nightly now discussions about Shark Week take over the Twittersphere, Facebook and other social media outlets.

The show always walks the balance of pleasing everyone that watches the show meaning that they typically focus on both the fear from stories of real life shark attack victims and conservation and science. This year, promotions have taken a turn in the “shock and awe” direction, a move that I’m not typically fond of (as the PR practitioner in me takes over.)

Whatever the reason may be, Shark Week continues to wow and fascinate viewers for various reasons. Are you watching Shark Week? What are your thoughts so far?

And to go ahead and start the discussion for next time, tell me what you think of this Shark Week commercial? See what I mean when I say “shock and awe?” Most people can’t watch this without having some kind of reaction. What was yours?

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